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Randi Nord, USA 01/04/2018 0

As Saudi Influence Wanes, UAE Builds Its Regional Value as Tool of US Imperialism

Where Riyadh’s imperial ambitions are haphazard, Abu Dhabi’s are smooth and calculated. While Saudi Arabia has spent billions murdering civilians, the UAE has built military bases, forged imperial alliances, and secured its grip on regional hegemony both politically and militarily aligning itself as the next major US ally as a tool of imperialism.
Andrea Germanos, USA 01/03/2018 0

US-Led Assault on Mosul Killed Ten Times More Iraqi Civilians Than Military Admitted

New investigation sheds further light on the brutally high cost to civilians of the war on terror
Tess Bridgeman, USA 12/31/2017 0

US “Confronting” Iran Inside Syria: Spoiling for an Unlawful Fight?

Beyond the obvious geopolitical implications, seeking out a military confrontation with Iran in Syria for the purpose of preventing it “from cementing its military presence in Syria” may skirt both domestic and international law.
Jonathan Fenton-Harvey, UK 12/28/2017 0

How Another ISIS Could Emerge

ISIS’s self-proclaimed caliphate is all but defeated, but it would be a grave mistake to assume the threat the group poses is over.
Middle East Monitor, UK 12/11/2017 0

US-Backed Rebel Defector: US Coalition Made Secret Deals with ISIS in Syria

Former Spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Talal Silo, alleges US-backed fighters struck several deals with ISIS, allowing fighters and their families safe passage out of ISIS-occupied cities.
Patrick Cockburn, UK 12/06/2017 0

The Smart Weapons Fallacy: Civilian Casualties From “Precision” Air Strikes in Iraq and Syria

The final elimination of Isis in Iraq and Syria is close, but welcome though the defeat of these monstrous movements may be, it has only been achieved at the cost of great destruction and loss of life.
Whitney Webb, USA 11/25/2017 0

Saudi Arabia, Israel Co-Sponsor UN Bill Condemning Iran, Syria for Human Rights Abuses

The resolutions condemning Iran, Syria, and North Korea for human-rights violations were backed by some of the world’s most notorious human-rights abusers, war criminals, and sponsors of terrorism and violent extremism.
Nick Turse, Italy 11/07/2017 0

It’s Not Just Niger — U.S. Military Activity Is a “Recruiting Tool” for Terror Groups Across West Africa

The mission never made the front page of the New York Times or the Washington Post. It wasn’t covered on CNN or Fox News. Neither the White House chief of staff, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, nor the president ever addressed it in a press briefing.
Robert S. Ford, USA 10/31/2017 0

America Never Understood Iraq

As the Kurdish crisis continues to spiral, a former diplomat laments a history of missed opportunities.
Whitney Webb, USA 10/30/2017 0

US Allows Saudi Arabia To Plant Wahhabi Seed In Raqqa Rubble

With the U.S. intent on freezing the Syrian government out of the Raqqa rebuilding process, it has now looked to the Saudis for funding and planning. The Saudi point man for the project is a known anti-Shiite sectarian, espousing much of the belief system of the ousted Daesh terrorists.