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John Feffer, USA 01/14/2018 0

Trump and the Neocons Are Exploiting an Iran Protest Movement They Know Nothing About

The last time Iranians went out onto the streets in large numbers, they were protesting what they thought was a stolen election.
Richard Eskow, USA 01/14/2018 0

The GOP’s 100-Year War Is Bigger Than Taxes or Trump

While the nation obsesses about Trump, he and his fellow Republicans are radically rewiring our political and economic order.
Julia Conley, USA 01/12/2018 0

Trump Has Spent More Than Three Months This Year At His Properties, Adding to Ethics Concerns

"Americans, on average, get 15 paid vacation days a year, but use only 12. Trump has taken more than 100."
Danny Sjursen, USA 01/02/2018 0

Three Administrations, But One Standard Playbook for Endless War

From Bush to Obama to Trump, it's just more of the same on overseas war.
Nick Turse, Italy 12/30/2017 0

Donald Trump’s First Year Sets Record for U.S. Special Ops: Elite Commandos Deployed to 149 Countries in 2017

“We don’t know exactly where we’re at in the world, militarily, and what we’re doing,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in October.
Harry Blain, USA 12/02/2017 0

The U.S. Is Stockpiling Nuclear Arms, and the Cost Is Astonishing

We're spending $1.2 trillion on weapons that invariably make the world a more dangerous place.
Daniel Haiphong, USA 11/30/2017 0

The Intercept’s Partisan Attack On WikiLeaks

However politically flawed, WikiLeaks has done humanity a service by exposing the Democratic Party as but another organ of the rich.
Vijay Prashad, India 11/26/2017 0

Libya Is Home to a 21st-Century Slave Market and the UN Security Council Won’t Act

A horrifying CNN report reveals concentration camps and human lives on the auction block.
Chris Hedges, USA 11/23/2017

Behind the Mask of the ‘Moderates’

TORONTO—Pity Canada. Its citizens watch the stages of U.S. decline and then, a few years later, inflict on themselves the same cruelties.
Chris Hedges, USA 11/14/2017 0

Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms

If we can mount sustained acts of defiance in the face of severe state repression, we have a chance.