01/06/2018 02:00 pm

The fawning, bootlicking, brown-nosing vice president, Mike Pence

The Washington Post took a stopwatch and an abacus to the vice president's groveling today, and found that "over nearly three minutes, Pence offered plaudit after plaudit after plaudit, praising Trump's vision, his words, his strategy and his results in light of the passage of tax cuts.
P.M. Carpenter

By the end, Pence offered 14 separate commendations for Trump in less than three minutes.”

Jim Mattis, sitting directly on Trump’s left, at one point looks at Pence as though to ask, Is there something fucking wrong with you? Rex Tillerson, on Trump’s right, quite apparently wants out of the room and seems on the verge of actually objecting, while for a few seconds the jaw of Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross nearly hangs open, in Mattisesque wonder.

Kids, pull up a chair and watch, listen, study, remember. If you wish to be a success in life — even if at the cost of jettisoning all your self-respect — absorb this lesson by Vice President Mike Pence, the biggest baboon in the monkey house.

By Smirking Chimp