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Conn M. Hallinan, USA 02/22/2018 0

A Dangerous Turn in U.S. Foreign Policy

The Trump administration’s new National Defense Strategy is being touted as a sea change in U.S. foreign policy, a shift from the “war on terrorism” to “great power competition,” a line that would not be out of place in the years leading up to World War I.
Danny Sjursen, USA 01/02/2018 0

Three Administrations, But One Standard Playbook for Endless War

From Bush to Obama to Trump, it's just more of the same on overseas war.
Nick Turse, Italy 12/30/2017 0

Donald Trump’s First Year Sets Record for U.S. Special Ops: Elite Commandos Deployed to 149 Countries in 2017

“We don’t know exactly where we’re at in the world, militarily, and what we’re doing,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in October.
Lisa Fuller, Sri Lanka 12/12/2017 0

The Necessity of Imagining An Unimaginable War

Top military and political experts warn that the risk of war is at an all-time high, the threat is imminent and the impact would be catastrophic.
Tom Engelhardt, USA 11/14/2017 0

Afghanistan: The Gateway Drug for Three Administrations

The geopolitics of nailing down the oil heartlands of the planet.
Tom Engelhardt, USA 11/08/2017 0

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Doing Bin Laden’s Bidding

Osama Bin Laden’s America Niger, 9/11, and Apocalyptic Humiliation