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Vicenç Navarro López, USA 01/06/2018 0

What is Happening in Catalonia and Spain?

On October 1, 2017, the police of the Spanish State (known as the National Police) endeavored to take the polling boxes where Catalan people were voting in a referendum with two choices: for or against Catalonian independence from the Spanish State.
Federico Demaria, Italy 10/20/2017 0

Why Catalans Want Independence From Spain

If anyone thinks, says or writes that the Catalan question is easy to understand, I would say that she or he did not understand anything.
Irene Baqué, UK 10/14/2017 0

I was Catalan, Spanish and European. But Mariano Rajoy has changed all that

The prime minister has turned what should have been another little-noticed unofficial poll into a conflict that evoked memories of the civil war