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Conn M. Hallinan, USA 02/22/2018 0

A Dangerous Turn in U.S. Foreign Policy

The Trump administration’s new National Defense Strategy is being touted as a sea change in U.S. foreign policy, a shift from the “war on terrorism” to “great power competition,” a line that would not be out of place in the years leading up to World War I.
Gaius Publius, USA 01/05/2018 0

What Would Happen If Sanders Ran for President in 2020?

I want to put this on people's radar and suggest a few questions as the drama begins to unfold: What would happen if Bernie Sanders ran for President in 2020?
John Atcheson, USA 12/25/2017 0

Confederacy of Dunces: Neoliberals Jump the Shark in The New York Times

Last Monday, the New York Times carried what has to be one of the most ludicrous, Orwellian pieces of propaganda in recent memory. The title sums it up: “Is the Democratic Party Becoming too Democratic?”
Steven Rosenfeld, USA 12/13/2017 0

Progressives and Berniecrats Push Hard to End or Curtail the Superdelegate System

More than a dozen progressive groups are urging the Democratic National Committee’s post-2016 Unity Reform Commission to recommend the party end its superdelegate system, where one-sixth of those nominating the presidential candidate are chosen before primaries and caucuses.
Daniel Haiphong, USA 11/30/2017 0

The Intercept’s Partisan Attack On WikiLeaks

However politically flawed, WikiLeaks has done humanity a service by exposing the Democratic Party as but another organ of the rich.
Chris Hedges, USA 11/14/2017 0

Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms

If we can mount sustained acts of defiance in the face of severe state repression, we have a chance.
Les Leopold, USA 11/08/2017 0

Warning: Wall Street Dems Are the Committee to Re-elect Trump

It is frightening to see how out of touch corporate Democrats are from the American public, especially working people.
Bill Blum, USA 11/03/2017 0

Panic in Trumpland, but Clinton Camp Should Be Wary

It’s no longer a rumor. The first grand jury indictment drafted by Justice Department special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has been filed.
Liz Posner, USA 11/01/2017 0

Did Anyone Notice the Role of Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Young Female Assistant’ in His Many Sexual Assaults?

A mysterious female assistant helped to enable Weinstein's crimes. Should we blame her?
David Barsamian, USA 10/27/2017 0

Noam Chomsky Diagnoses the Trump Era

The president has abetted the collapse of a decaying system; Chomsky explains how.