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Chris Hedges, USA 02/16/2018 0

The Bankruptcy of the American Left

There will be no economic or political justice for the poor, people of color, women or workers within the framework of global, corporate capitalism.
Jim Hightower, USA 02/14/2018 0

No, Big Corporations Shouldn’t Get Tax Breaks to Create Jobs

Governors and mayors insist that giving our tax dollars to corporations to lure them to move to our cities is good public policy.
Margaret Kimberley, USA 01/29/2018 0

Oligarch Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $105 billion and is the richest man in the world. But he is not just the richest man at this moment in history.
John W. Whitehead, USA 01/10/2018 0

Jesus Stood Up To The Roman Empire And He’d Resist US Empire Today

From the time he was old enough to attend school, Jesus would have been drilled in lessons of compliance and obedience to government authorities, while learning little about his own rights.
Richard Moser, USA 12/08/2017 0

How Corporate Power Killed Democracy

Corporate Power is the Fusion of the Corporation and the State
Ralph Nader, USA 10/26/2017 0

How Big Corporations Game Our Democracy Into Their Plutocracy

A major chapter in American history–rarely taught in our schools–is how ever larger corporations have moved to game, neutralize and undermine the people’s continual efforts to protect our touted democratic society.
Paul Buchheit, USA 10/16/2017 0

Three Insidious Ways ‘Overtaxed’ Corporations Are Cheating America

Corporate cheating goes well beyond federal tax reporting, as big companies have used various forms of deception to keep taking from America, especially with a complicit corporate media unwilling to report the facts about their behavior.
Sam Pizzigati, USA 10/10/2017 0

We Get Sick, They Get Rich

Americans need more bargaining power against health care corporations. A new bill could give it to them.