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Kevin Gosztola, USA 12/11/2017 0

Energy Transfer Partners’ Ham-Handed Attempt to Sue Earth First Movement

“Earth First! is a philosophy based on biocentrism, direct action, and not compromising with Earth-destroying corporations when fighting for the environment. You can’t sue an idea.”
Alice Speri, USA 11/16/2017 0

The Battle of Treaty Camp

Law Enforcement Descended On Standing Rock A Year Ago And Changed the DAPL Fight Forever
Chris Hedges, USA 11/14/2017 0

Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms

If we can mount sustained acts of defiance in the face of severe state repression, we have a chance.
Natasha Lennard, USA 10/04/2017 0

Still Fighting At Standing Rock

The national media has moved on, but the story is not over.