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Jim Hightower, USA 02/26/2018 0

The South is Rising Again

The assertion by establishment Dems (echoed by corporate media) that progressive populism is not a winner is — in two words — bovine excrement.
Lucas Sczygelski, USA 02/21/2018 0

The Republican War on Local Control

With increasing frequency, Republican state legislatures are passing preemption laws, which prevent cities, towns, villages, and counties from adopting policies that diverge from those of the state.
Charles P. Pierce, USA 02/21/2018 0

The GOP Monster Is Out of the Lab

And it's rampaging through Texas.
Jim Hightower, USA 02/16/2018 0

Americans Hate the Tax Bill Because It Wasn’t Written for Them

It’s odd that Washington Republicans are so loudly crowing about their passage of the Trump-McConnell-Ryan tax law.
P.M. Carpenter, USA 02/07/2018 0

Recycling Graft

The International Business Times reports that "Charles and David Koch and/or the business they operate could make between $1 billion and $1.4 billion more money each year" — that deserves repetition: each year — "thanks to the tax breaks in legislation passed in December by Republican members of Congress." (By 2027, "the top 1 percent of Americans will get 83 percent of the tax benefits.")
Michael Winship, USA 01/01/2018 0

The Tax Bill Is the Grinchiest Christmas Gift Yet

At year's end, Donald Trump and Congress are putting a lump of "clean, beautiful coal" in our stockings.
Bob Lord, USA 12/30/2017 0

The GOP Tax Plan Will Complete the Destruction of America’s Middle Class Wealth

The wealth of America’s middle class, under siege for four decades, is now hanging on life support.
Jake Johnson, USA 12/28/2017 0

GOP Tax Plan Would Give 15 of America’s Largest Corporations a $236B Tax Cut: Report

If you needed any more evidence that the GOP tax bill is a massive giveaway to the most profitable corporations in the country, a new report prepared for Sen. Bernie Sanders provides it
Jon Queally, USA 12/24/2017 0

Analysis Shows More Than Half of Total Trump-GOP Tax Plan Benefits Go to Richest 5%

In order to pay for massive cuts for wealthy and permanent tax giveaway to corporations, rates on low- and middle-income families will increase significantly in 2027. Who benefits? Probably not you.
Corporate Accountability, USA 12/23/2017 0

GOP Tax Plan Is Of, By and For the Corporations

Congress must reject this bill. It’s bad for our democracy, bad for people and bad for the planet.