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James J. Zogby, USA 03/02/2018 0

The Iraq War: Fifteen Years Later

The most consequential disaster in recent US history.
Jeffrey St. Clair, USA 02/27/2018 0

American Carnage

Americans have a remarkable tolerance for child slaughter, especially the mass murders of the children of others.
Tom Engelhardt, USA 02/26/2018 0

Whistling Past the Graveyard (of Empires)

A trip down memory lane, Pentagon-style
Stephanie Savell, USA 02/24/2018 0

America Has Spent $5.6 Trillion on the War on Terror … and Counting

When it comes to America’s wars, more than 16 years later our generals are victorious. Not, of course, in the distant lands where those conflicts grind on unendingly, but in the one place that matters: Washington, D.C
Brett Max Kaufman, USA 02/23/2018 0

Why The U.S. War On ISIS Is Illegal

No court has ever addressed the government’s legal justifications for military action in so many different parts of the world.
Rick Sterling, USA 02/15/2018 0

WMD Claims in Syria Raise Concerns over U.S. Escalation

Following a well-established script, anonymous U.S. officials are making unsubstantiated claims about weapons of mass destruction – this time in Syria – and again the media is failing to ask tough questions.
Danny Sjursen, USA 02/09/2018 0

The War That Never Ends (for the U.S. Military High Command) — And It’s Not the War on Terror

A 50-year-old war, once labeled the longest in our history, is still alive and well and still being refought by one group of Americans: the military high command. And almost half a century later, they’re still losing it and blaming others for doing so.
César Chelala, USA 01/10/2018 0

We Are Failing a Generation of Iraqi Children

Hardly a week passes in Iraq without signs of violence leaving both children and adults with permanent physical and mental scars.
Middle East Monitor, UK 12/09/2017 0

ICC: ‘Reasonable Basis’ to Believe UK Committed War Crimes in Iraq

The ICC alleges UK armed forces committed war crimes in Iraq including: “wilful killing/murder torture and inhuman/cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity, and rape or other forms of sexual violence”.
Patrick Cockburn, UK 12/06/2017 0

The Smart Weapons Fallacy: Civilian Casualties From “Precision” Air Strikes in Iraq and Syria

The final elimination of Isis in Iraq and Syria is close, but welcome though the defeat of these monstrous movements may be, it has only been achieved at the cost of great destruction and loss of life.