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Elliott Gabriel, Ecuador 02/05/2018 0

Do Korea Talks Reflect Alienation from US Threats of War?

Rather than provoking the fearsome conflict he seems to want, Trump’s feckless threats and demanding attitude may be alienating Seoul and paving the way toward a turning point in the conflict that has divided Korea for nearly 70 years.
Rajan Menon, USA 01/30/2018 0

Avoiding Armageddon in Korea

Or launching a war for the ages.
Tom Engelhardt, USA 01/16/2018 0

Mapping a World From Hell: 76 Countries Are Now Involved in Washington’s War on Terror

He left Air Force Two behind and, unannounced, “shrouded in secrecy,” flew on an unmarked C-17 transport plane into Bagram Air Base, the largest American garrison in Afghanistan. All news of his visit was embargoed until an hour before he was to depart the country.
Les Adler, USA 01/02/2018 0

Dancing on the Edge

In 1898 a mysterious explosion sank the American battleship Maine in Havana harbor. While the exact cause is still debated, the results were undeniable and decisive. Press and public clamor for retaliation led swiftly to an American declaration of war against Spain followed by an invasion of Cuba, the conquest the Philippines and Guam and the sudden leap of the United States into the position of world-wide imperialistic dominance it still occupies.
Geoffrey Fattig, USA 12/31/2017 0

How the U.S. Could Provoke a New Korean War

The bare bones of a deal with North Korea may exist, but senseless provocations could set off a conflict long before then.
Jeffrey D. Sachs, USA 12/24/2017 0

Stopping Armageddon

The United States faces a trap of its own making. For decades, this country has forcibly overthrown regimes it deemed to be hostile to US interests. North Korea fears that it is next.
John Feffer, USA 12/20/2017 0

North Korea: The Costs of War, Calculated

Donald Trump is contemplating wars that would dwarf anything that his immediate predecessors ever considered.
Michael Greenwell, UK 12/04/2017 0

Can Peace Journalism Deescalate Conflict in the Age of Trump?

Peace Journalism aims to improve the conditions for peace through a considered editorial approach and practice. It is a means to peace.
Julia Conley, USA 11/29/2017 0

As Trump Spikes Fear of Nuclear War, Hawaii to Bring Back Cold War Air Raid Sirens

"As we track the news and see tests, both missile launches and nuclear tests, it’s the elephant in the room."
Franz-Stefan Gady, USA 10/20/2017 0

War of the Dragons: Why North Korea Does Not Trust China

The legacy of the Sino-Vietnamese War continues to cast a shadow on China-North Korea relations.