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Jim Hightower, USA 02/26/2018 0

The South is Rising Again

The assertion by establishment Dems (echoed by corporate media) that progressive populism is not a winner is — in two words — bovine excrement.
Jon Jeter, USA 02/01/2018 0

Left, Undone: As Women March, Blacks Increasingly Question the Quality of their Allies

“The point for me,” said one 41-year-old African-American who works in Silicon Valley, “is that black people in America can trust no one but each other. This world means us harm and nobody has our back; you’d have to be a fool to believe otherwise.”
Liz Posner, USA 10/24/2017 0

4 Ugly Signs That Rapists Are Getting Their Rights Back

It feels like all three branches of government are out to get women.
Charlie May, USA 10/19/2017 0

U.S. votes against U.N. resolution condemning death penalty for LGBT people; is this who we are?

We joined our allies Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in opposing the measure