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David Swanson, USA 01/19/2018 0

Billboards, Bases, and Baltimore

The nonprofit organization World Beyond War has put up a billboard in Baltimore stating that “3% of U.S. military spending could end starvation on earth.”
Paul Buchheit, USA 12/18/2017 0

Why Do They Hate Us? America Has Taken Nearly 70% of the World’s Wealth Gains Since 2012

America's super-rich are taking not only from their own nation, but also from the rest of the world.
Ellen Brown, USA 11/15/2017 0

The Public Bank Option: Safer, Local, and Half the Cost

Phil Murphy, a former banker with a double-digit lead in New Jersey’s race for governor, has made a state-owned bank a centerpiece of his platform. If he wins on November 7, the nation’s second state-owned bank in a century could follow.
Ellen Brown, USA 10/25/2017 0

How to Fund a Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes or Inflation

The policy of guaranteeing every citizen a universal basic income is gaining support around the world, as automation increasingly makes jobs obsolete.
Paul Buchheit, USA 10/16/2017 0

Three Insidious Ways ‘Overtaxed’ Corporations Are Cheating America

Corporate cheating goes well beyond federal tax reporting, as big companies have used various forms of deception to keep taking from America, especially with a complicit corporate media unwilling to report the facts about their behavior.
David Cay Johnston, USA 10/16/2017 0

Nine Reasons Trump’s Tax Plan Will Hurt You

A Scheme of the Super-Rich, by the Super-Rich, for the Super-Rich
Daniel Hemel, USA 10/11/2017 0

The Fight for $7.25

The Supreme Court is poised to deal a devastating blow to minimum wage workers.
Sam Pizzigati, USA 10/10/2017 0

We Get Sick, They Get Rich

Americans need more bargaining power against health care corporations. A new bill could give it to them.
Kate Bahn, USA 10/10/2017 0

Economics of Misogyny

The term misogyny is often used in feminist analysis but not often used to analyze the government and market institutions that make up our society.