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Cara Faith Zwibel, Canada 12/14/2017 0

Canada Engaged in Widespread Surveillance of Its Indigenous Communities

Indigenous nations have emerged as vocal defenders of land and water, but state surveillance of these groups is disproportionate, and speaks of the broad criminalisation of Indigenous peoples.
Kevin Gosztola, USA 12/11/2017 0

Energy Transfer Partners’ Ham-Handed Attempt to Sue Earth First Movement

“Earth First! is a philosophy based on biocentrism, direct action, and not compromising with Earth-destroying corporations when fighting for the environment. You can’t sue an idea.”
Mark Trahant, USA 12/03/2017 0

Thousands of Native American Children Will Lose Health Insurance

Congress has yet to reenact the Children’s Health Insurance Program and states will soon run out of funds to prop up the program.
Tommy Orange, USA 11/27/2017 0

Thanksgiving Is a Tradition. It’s Also a Lie

Sure, it's a tradition. So is the Confederate flag.