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David Swanson, USA 02/11/2018 0

What is Being Done Versus What Should be Done With Prisons

The United States is a global leader in putting people in cages (#1 in prisoners, second in prisoners per capita to the Seychelles, where the United Nations locks up “pirates,” and whose whole population is a fraction of the U.S. prison population).
Jessicah Pierre, USA 11/09/2017 0

Mass Incarceration is a Women’s Issue, Too

The United States is one of the top incarcerators of women in the world, which breaks up families and endangers children.
Jamilah King, USA 10/24/2017 0

There’s a Pretty Good Chance Your American Flag Was Made by a Prisoner

People of color are incarcerated in huge numbers. And they’re manufacturing America’s symbol of freedom.
Michael Arria, USA 10/02/2017 0

Oklahoma Is Imprisoning So Many People It Can’t Hire Enough Guards To Keep Up

In July of this year, some 150 prisoners at the Great Plains Correctional Facility in Tulsa, Okla., rioted. The riot reportedly developed after a fight between prisoners and lasted for about eight hours. Two prison guards were taken hostage before the prisoners were corralled and returned to their cells.