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Jon Jeter, USA 02/07/2018 0

Obama, Being Black, Was Perfectly Suited to Deliver the Racist Message

As a result of his complexion, Obama was given a pass for his racial demagoguery, similar to conservatives forgiving Richard Nixon for his entreaties to China. In a sense, only the impeccably anti-communist Nixon could go to China and, in that same sense, only the phenotypically black Obama could safely disrespect blacks with such vitriol.
Thandisizwe Chimurenga, USA 01/07/2018 0

From Greensboro 1979 to Charlottesville 2017: Police Absent In Face Of White Supremacist Violence

A comprehensive, 219-page independent review led by a former U.S. Attorney concluded that law enforcement had “failed to ‘stand up’ to protect human life” during the August “Unite the Right” rally held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
Timothy M. Gill, USA 12/21/2017 0

White Cops: The Height of Racial Resentment

While decades of sociological research betray the general sentiments of many white citizens, white law enforcement officers continue to maintain even more racially resentful and racially conservative sets of beliefs than white citizens writ large.
Jessicah Pierre, USA 11/09/2017 0

Mass Incarceration is a Women’s Issue, Too

The United States is one of the top incarcerators of women in the world, which breaks up families and endangers children.
German Lopez, USA 10/12/2017 0

The deadliness of the opioid epidemic has roots in America’s failed response to crack

The US could have used previous drug crises to prepare for the current one. But it didn’t.