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Lisa Fuller, Sri Lanka 12/12/2017 0

The Necessity of Imagining An Unimaginable War

Top military and political experts warn that the risk of war is at an all-time high, the threat is imminent and the impact would be catastrophic.
Sam Pizzigati, USA 12/01/2017 0

How to Stop a Tax Plan Rigged for the Rich

The Earth doesn’t quite shake when lawmakers in Washington, D.C. take one of their periodic votes on tax “reform.”
Richard Eskow, USA 11/28/2017 0

Orrin Hatch’s “Bullcrap” on Taxes Is Exactly That

Hatch is apparently willing to ruin the futures of countless younger versions of himself.
Ralph Nader, USA 11/24/2017 0

National Democratic Party – Pole Vaulting Back into Place

So what’s the plan for the Democratic Party? Looks a lot like the old plan.