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Jim Hightower, USA 02/16/2018 0

Americans Hate the Tax Bill Because It Wasn’t Written for Them

It’s odd that Washington Republicans are so loudly crowing about their passage of the Trump-McConnell-Ryan tax law.
Jim Hightower, USA 02/14/2018 0

No, Big Corporations Shouldn’t Get Tax Breaks to Create Jobs

Governors and mayors insist that giving our tax dollars to corporations to lure them to move to our cities is good public policy.
Lawrence S. Wittner, USA 11/07/2017 0

Problems of the Super-Rich

Based on recent economic developments, the super-rich don’t have much to complain about.
David Cay Johnston, USA 11/01/2017 0

How the Republican Tax Plan Head-Fakes Parents and Stiffs Children

How the Republican Tax Plan Head-Fakes Parents and Stiffs Children
Katie Hamm, USA 10/31/2017 0

Trump Pushes Massive Tax Cut for Multimillionaires over Child Care for Working Families

The White House recently released a tax reform proposal that would repeal the estate tax, among other provisions.
Bob Lord, USA 10/27/2017 0

Candybars and Billionaires: This Year’s Real Halloween Horror

The family that has made billions off trick-or-treat candy has gone generations without paying any appreciable tax on its enormous fortune. And the Trump tax plan, if adopted, would ax a huge chunk of the tax on the family’s income.
Ralph Nader, USA 10/26/2017 0

How Big Corporations Game Our Democracy Into Their Plutocracy

A major chapter in American history–rarely taught in our schools–is how ever larger corporations have moved to game, neutralize and undermine the people’s continual efforts to protect our touted democratic society.
David Cay Johnston, USA 10/16/2017 0

Nine Reasons Trump’s Tax Plan Will Hurt You

A Scheme of the Super-Rich, by the Super-Rich, for the Super-Rich
Daniel Hemel, USA 10/11/2017 0

The Fight for $7.25

The Supreme Court is poised to deal a devastating blow to minimum wage workers.
Sam Pizzigati, USA 10/10/2017 0

We Get Sick, They Get Rich

Americans need more bargaining power against health care corporations. A new bill could give it to them.