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Whitney Webb, USA 02/27/2018 0

US Applies Useful Double Standard to Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Both Turkey and the U.S.-allied Kurds have been accused of using chemical weapons in Syria, but the U.S. has had two very different responses.
Reese Erlich, USA 02/22/2018 0

The U.S. Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That’s Trouble

How did the United States get tangled up in another Mideast quagmire?
Patrick Cockburn, UK 02/20/2018 0

Is Turkey Recruiting ex-ISIS Fighters?

Turkey is recruiting and retraining Isis fighters to lead its invasion of the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria, according to an ex-Isis source.
Mike Whitney, USA 02/14/2018 0

Turkey’s Invasion of Syria Pits Neocons Against Traditional Imperialists

The apparent split between the Pentagon and the White House does not reflect the deeper divisions which will become more apparent as the traditional imperialists in the administration face-off with the neocons in a cage-match that will determine the shape of policy in Syria and beyond.
Darius Shahtahmasebi, USA 02/12/2018 0

Will Washington’s Syria Chess Game Lead to War with NATO Ally Turkey?

America’s current Syria strategy opens up the door for a war with Turkey and a potential war with Iran and Syria. All the while the U.S. loses its status as the so-called global leader, with Russia emerging unscathed from the conflict as the region’s major power broker.
Mike Whitney, USA 02/09/2018 0

Washington Widens the War in Syria by Provoking Turkey

The Trump administration has drawn Turkey deeper into the Syrian conflict by announcing a policy that threatens Turkey’s national security. Washington’s gaffe has pitted one NATO ally against the other while undermining hopes for a speedy end to the seven year-long war.
Danny Sjursen, USA 02/06/2018 0

America’s Syria Trap

Pay attention, folks. It’s about to get a lot worse in the Middle East. Again.
Danny Sjursen, USA 02/05/2018 0

America’s Syria Trap

Remember when a ground invasion of a sovereign country—perpetrated by a NATO ally—would constitute a big story?
Seth J. Frantzman, Greece 10/20/2017 0

Why Some Countries See Kurdistan’s Battle for Independence as a Threat

The Kurdish region wants to think in the long-term, but even the short-term looks difficult.