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James Carey, USA 02/24/2018 0

As Wall Street Sinks Global Markets, China’s Economic Policies Build Independence & Immunity

China has been faced with — and continued to grow throughout — a previous U.S.-triggered global recession just under a decade ago. While the current condition of the markets is nothing like the end of 2008, there is still the same fear in the West that China is somehow on the brink of catastrophe.
Jesse Jackson, USA 02/18/2018 0

Why the Tax Cut Will Widen the Racial Gap

President Donald Trump keeps boasting about the low black unemployment rate, although African Americans still suffer nearly twice the unemployment rate as whites do.
Jon Jeter, USA 01/13/2018 0

Since 2008 Financial Crisis, Wall Street Is The Grinch That Keeps Stealing Christmas

Hauling everything they owned in two grocery carts, Anderson and his three teenage children had put in a good 12 hours in their trek from Silicon Valley’s northern edge en route to the Promised Land, Berkeley, which was still another 14 miles away as the crow flies.
Ellen Brown, USA 11/15/2017 0

The Public Bank Option: Safer, Local, and Half the Cost

Phil Murphy, a former banker with a double-digit lead in New Jersey’s race for governor, has made a state-owned bank a centerpiece of his platform. If he wins on November 7, the nation’s second state-owned bank in a century could follow.
Les Leopold, USA 11/08/2017 0

Warning: Wall Street Dems Are the Committee to Re-elect Trump

It is frightening to see how out of touch corporate Democrats are from the American public, especially working people.
Harvey J. Kaye, USA 10/30/2017 0

Do Democrats Really Need Wall Street?

Halloween is coming and fear mongering seems to be the order of the day — not just on the part of Republicans, but apparently no less so on the part of “centrist” and conservative Democrats who are expressing growing anxiety about offending big donors who see politics not as the pursuit of justice but as the pursuit of their interests.
Paul Buchheit, USA 10/16/2017 0

Three Insidious Ways ‘Overtaxed’ Corporations Are Cheating America

Corporate cheating goes well beyond federal tax reporting, as big companies have used various forms of deception to keep taking from America, especially with a complicit corporate media unwilling to report the facts about their behavior.