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Bill Berkowitz, USA 02/17/2018 0

White Supremacists Are Targeting College Campuses Across the Nation

Since Donald Trump's election, white supremacist organizations have been working overtime on college campuses across the country, organizing rallies, spreading propaganda, gaining publicity, and creating assorted platforms to recruit students.
Alan Jenkins, USA 01/28/2018 0

Our President, the White Supremacist

The President of the United States is a white supremacist. He is not just a defender or apologist for bigots and hatemongers. He is one of them, and no one who’s been paying attention can be shocked to learn this.
Thandisizwe Chimurenga, USA 01/19/2018 0

US Police Kill A Thousand Each Year While Cops Are Safer than Trash Collectors

Despite the unflagging attempts to portray a “war on cops,” data consistently shows that being a police officer is safer than many other professions. In fact, it is safer than being a taxi driver or a trash collector.